--UCC 1-308-- Our Legal Protection against all Un-Constitutional Demands of Public officials and their agents--

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Hi Ya'll,

Any who are fed up with having their Constitutional Freedoms taken away and Trampled on by our Public Officials and their agents may find this of interest.

Found in the Uniform Commercial Codes, which by the way regulate ALL Financial Transactions, which means nothing is done without being regulated by these Codes!

UCC 1-308 Performance or acceptance under reservation of rights

(1) A party who, with explicit reservation of rights, performs or promises performance or assents to performance in a manner demanded or offered by the other party does not thereby prejudice the rights reserved. Such words as "without prejudice," "under protest" or the like are sufficient.

(2) Subsection (1) of this Code section does not apply to an accord and satisfaction.

Standard procedures for using UCC 1-308 ---Contract Law---

When signing anything, turn it into a contract using UCC 1-308 and protect our Constitutional Rights of Life, Liberty and Property.

Example of things to sign: Drivers license, lease, buying a automobile, buying business equipment, contracting to do business, Building Permit, marriage license, Code enforcement ticket (if we did not already agree to the terms), Sign ordinance, etc.

Do not sign anything without turning it into a Legal Contract. No individual by Law shall be forced to sign any Contract containing any part they are not in agreement with. Thus we may alter the Contract to suit our needs and protect our Constitutional Rights of Life, Liberty and Property.

Do this by following these instructions.

Before we sign!!!!

We have the right to take a ruler or straight edge and draw a fine line thru any letter, word or group of words, which we do not agree with. At this time we may add anything we want in the contract. Any changes we have made, initial and date below each change. If the other party agrees and you both sign it is a done deal. Yet we should not sign this without writing UCC 1-308 or stamping it on and signing thru this.

The above is Normal Contract Law based upon an Offer & Acceptance by two or more people.

In the case of dealing with permits or Code officials or other Public officials this must be done Different:

In this case we have a Demand by a Public official upon our personal self and or our Private property, they are not necessarily offering us a Benefit, but trying to control us.

In this case we have the right to take a ruler or straight edge and draw a fine line thru any letter, word or group of words, which we do not agree with.

Initial and date below each of these corrections.

For if we make additions the public official did not 1st tender in the Demand, they then have to agree to these additions.

This way we are agreeing with only what is agreeable to us and has been presented to us by the public official. Thus they cannot state they did not before agree to these parts we agree with.

Then write or stamp across the form: UCC 1-308 in red preferably and at a 45 degree across the form in the lower right ¼ section of the form in an open area of the form for readability.

Then sign our signature across this stamp.

Then along the edge of the lower 1/2 right side of the form, sign our signature and date it.

Then we must either get the public official to Time Stamp this or sign it or get a Notary Public to stamp and sign and date the form.

The Notary has more power than the public official.

In the case of permits and other Codes use the Notary if the city clerk will not time stamp it.

Get a copy to keep for our own records.

If taken to court by the public official, we must file a copy of this Contract with the court clerk and judge as evidence immediately as far ahead of the court date as proof of the Contract.

This must be done to show the public officials have given up any rights they may have had, if we had agreed with the original to us per the contract.

Now the only control they have over us is what we have agreed to.

Again, this must be done before court date. If we fail to file this Contract ahead of court date, then we may not use this as evidence in court, thus getting ourselves into trouble.

If done correctly under most conditions it shall never make it to court and never need to be filed with a court, because any public official who violates a written Contract may lose their Corporate immunity and face having to pay all court costs themselves and be subject to criminal actions against themselves. This is per 42 USC 1983 Violation.

The below info, One should find something similar to this in each States Constitution Laws:

( c ) The state’s defense of sovereign immunity is hereby waived as to any action ex contractu for breach of any written contract now existing or hereafter entered into by the state or it’s departments and agencies. In other words any public official who has made any Un-Constitutional Demand upon a Citizen by trying to Force a Ticket etc upon a Citizen for some supposed Code Violation this public officials claims to have control over the Citizen and the Citizen uses the UCC 1-308 to turn this Ticket into a Legal Contract, Now this Public official may Personally face all court cost personally, without the state paying for this official to try to come against the Citizen. See how many public officials are going to be willing to pay all court cost to come against you and face Federal Criminal charges themself for trying to take away your Constitutional Freedoms.

Learn to use the UCC 1-308 contract code to protect our Constitutional Rights of Life, Liberty and Property.

Seek the Truth and learn How to properly apply the Truth and the truth shall set us Free!

Cause and Effect!

Smile Tis your choice.